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Catching up

I have not posted in quite some time. We have been very busy! We had a nice trip to Dallas a couple of weeks ago. I needed the break! We got back into town and I spent the next day painting – from 9am to 9pm. If you know me, you know that was a miserable day! But, I did an ok job. Luckily Tiffany was able to clean up any messes. That was a Tuesday, I was in the office on Wednesday preparing for Bible Study and Thursday preparing for Sunday. That Friday I proctored a test for my father at UNA. Friday night we had a Halloween party and Saturday we moved pews at the church building (you would think that I had killed members of people’s families). Last week we (hopefully) got back into our normal routine. We are also working on potty training our son – yay!

In the world of Biblical studies – well, as far as I am concerned…

The NAC commentary on Mark by Brooks is an excellent commentary. I am currently reading through it and loving it. The Gospel of Mark is an amazing yet under-appreciated book.

I recently posted a book review for How to Choose a Translation for All Its Worth. I also read A User’s Guide to Bible Translations by Dewey. If I were recommending one of these two books, it would definitely be Dewey’s! It is easier to read with less bias.

Hopefully I can begin posting regularly again!

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