Book Review: “Hard Core” by Jason Hardin

12 Feb

As most of you know I, periodically, do book reviews for DeWard Publishing. While at lectures last week, I was able to pick up a few of their newer releases. The most recently published is a book by Jason Hardin (who also wrote Boot Camp) entitled Hard Core: Defeating Sexual Temptation with a Superior Satisfaction.

I think this book is a timely book. The amount of pornography on the internet is unbelievable. Furthermore, sexual immorality is creeping into television shows a little more every week. Addiction to pornography is now as much a problem as alcoholism and drug abuse. And just like those addictions, pornography will destroy the relationships you have with others.

What I like most about this book is its focus on changing your desire. Hardin does not spend a great deal of time explaining how watching pornography is a sin. There is no need to explain that. If you are reading the book, you already know that and are probably looking for help not condemnation.

He does take some time to talk about the consequences. Chapter 10 is entitled “Counting the Cost” and Hardin lists two pages worth of his personal consequences should he let his like be consumed with such sinful activity.

Most people enjoy stats and this book does not disappoint. Chapter 4 goes through the various stats associated with the pornography industry. These stats range from income for the companies to the percentages of people who are actively looking for porn. The numbers on Christians and pornography may surprise you.

He encourages those who struggle with this to emulate the behavior of Joseph, to learn from David’s sin, and to follow Samuel’s example in “hacking [sin] to pieces.” This book is not just what Hardin thinks should be said about addiction to pornography, but an explanation and organization of what the Bible says about purity, righteousness, and a desire to serve God above all other things. He turns to Psalms 51 and 32 for their practical advice in dealing with sin, repentance, and forgiveness.

The main focus of the book is learning to crave God the same way we crave sexual satisfaction (or any other addiction).

One of the greatest tools in this book is the poem included on page 89 entitled, “There’s A Hole in My Sidewalk” by Portia Nelson. It is a great wake-up call!

The scriptures that are used in this short, but useful book  are in the text making this a more convenient read. This book can be read in about an hour or two, but it can help for a life time.

I highly suggest this book to anyone who is tempted to watch, addicted to watching, or knows anyone who is fighting this battle. This book can help. You can purchase the book for $7.99 here or here.

I also wanted to share two short stories about this book. This first is simply hysterical. After I bought this book, I walked outside and ran into a preacher that I have a great deal of respect for – Floyd Chappelear. As we are talking he says, “I see you bought that hard core porn book…all these preachers running around with porn books!” Classic!

This second story is a little more serious and I hope you give glory to God for it. When I purchased my books from DeWard, somehow I ended up with two copies of Hard Core. The next morning I went to take it back and Dan DeGarmo (the De of DeWard) told me to hold on to it and give it to someone else. The following Sunday I called a friend of mine who has wrestled with this subject and told him I wanted to give him a book. He came and picked it up and not 15 minutes later I received a text message from him – “God is awesome. I have been noticing certain thought patterns and temptations to start watching again. And literally 30 minutes ago, I prayed that God would help me. You called to give me the book about ten minutes later.” God is, indeed, Awesome!


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2 responses to “Book Review: “Hard Core” by Jason Hardin

  1. Marilyn Caldwell

    February 12, 2010 at 11:10 am

    This is a great review. It makes me want to buy the book right away.
    Just because I have never read anything regarding patterns in this
    sort of thing……..


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