Writing In Your Bible

14 Jun

Do you like to take notes in your Bible? Some people love to, some preachers make all of their notes for their lessons in the margins, while others think it is down right heretical to write in their Bibles. I have done so sparingly for a couple of reasons.

When I turned eight years old, my parents bought me a great wide-margin, double column, reference NKJV. I set in with a HIGHLIGHTER, line my favorite passages (although it was really just random highlighting). I regret that action to this day. A second thing that keeps me from writing in my Bible is the fact that I am always growing. This means that I am going to change my mind. So for a while, I would make notes in pencil (I should not have made them at all – thanks smudge). Thirdly, when you make notes or highlight, your mind will automatically be drawn to your notes or the highlighted sections and you may miss something else in the text. With that being said, I still take SOME notes in my Bible. My most common note is an added cross reference that was not included in my edition.

Up until recently, I had no clue what utensil to use when making notes or wanting to emphasize a section. Then I found this link – This is an interesting site, not only does is have some interesting tips, it has great reviews on various Bible designs (as the blog’s name indicates).

In conclusion, I purchased a set of Pigma Microns (the set of 16) and a handful of Zebrite highlighters (specifically designed for Bibles). I can personally testify of the quality of these utensils. I did not know what size Microns to purchase so I purchased the who set. After receiving them, I think that I will use the 005 to take notes and the 03 to underline (this was a common suggested on the blog (which I linked above).

I purchased highlighters in all three colors (yellow, green, and blue). The yellow is perfect because it is just enough to make the selection “pop”. I am unsure how (if at all) I will use the green and blue highlighters. The bleed through is minimal (if only 8 year old Jonathan had these).

If you are looking for the perfect pen, you can find the Pigma Microns here –

If you are looking for the perfect highlighter, you can find the Zebrite here –

Good luck and continue to read your Bible. The best Bible is not a perfectly new one, it is not a thoroughly written in one, it is one that is worn out with oil stains. My father will always be my example of what it means to read your Bible! His current Bible is getting to an unusable state. He has read through it who-knows-how-many times. The leather is rubbing off. Pages are tearing. That is how we should treat our Bibles! USE THEM!

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